Camden mobile health

The Camden Mobile Health bus offers free preventative diabetes checks, health information and advice to support residents to make positive health and wellbeing choices, and to prevent people aged 35 and over from developing serious health conditions in the future. 

As we get older, we all have a greater chance of developing a range of serious health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. Even with or without a family history of these diseases, certain lifestyle factors such as smoking, a poor diet or lack of physical exercise can put us at higher risk of developing one or more of these conditions.  

The preventative diabetes check is designed for people aged 40 to 70 years-old. However, Camden Council, in partnership with NHS colleagues at Brondesbury Medical Centre, would like to invite residents from the age of 30 and over to take a health check on our new health bus.

This is part of our shared belief in offering residents easy access to free, preventative healthcare to help them live long and healthy lives. By offering residents access to free, personalised health checks before they turn 40, we hope to arm them with information so they are prepared for the future and can start to take steps now to reduce risk, maintain and improve their health. 

What to expect on board the mobile health bus

The preventative diabetes check is 100% voluntary and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The doctor or nurse working on the bus will record your age, height and weight, and will also check your blood pressure. You may then be asked questions about your family history and lifestyle.

Once this is complete the healthcare professional will discuss your results with you. You may be given advice to help you lower your risk of preventative health conditions such as diabetes and obesity, and suggested steps you can take to maintain or improve your health.

Where to find the bus

Friday 9 February 11am-3pm

Swiss Cottage Market, Eton Avenue, NW3 3EU

Friday 16 February 11am-3pm

Kingsland Place -Eresby Place corner, NW6 4JT

Friday 23 February 11am-3pm

Loxham Street - Cromer Street corner, in front of Sandfield, Cromer St, London WC1H 8DU

The bus is a walk-in service so no appointment is required.  

If you have any questions about this service please contact us on [email protected]