Case studies

Investing in schools

A number of schools and children’s centres have now benefited from improvements thanks to the CIP. Below are just a few examples of the changes that have taken place.

Kingsgate Primary School gets a new building - September 2017

Headteacher, Liz Hayward welcomed children in the autumn term to a brand new building. 

“The new building and the playground are lovely. The learning environment is spacious, bright and calm. Teachers can already see a hugely positive impact on the way children learn. Parents and children were so happy and excited when they came into school on the first day of term, said Liz Hayward.”

We want to give children in the borough the best start in life, so through the Community Investment Programme we have expanded Kingsgate Primary School to create up to 420 new school places at a new site on Liddell Road (now known as Liddell Place) in the North-West of the borough, where demand for reception places has been highest. 

The new school is part of a number of improvements planned for the Liddell Place area. For more information on this project visit our latest news section or our projects map page.

Netley Campus - first new school building to open as part of CIP

In September 2014, children at Netley Primary School benefited from a brand new building, with bright modern classrooms, more space and a multi-use hall. The campus includes new premises for Robson House (home of the Primary Learning Support Service) and for the Adult Learning Centre. The project is fully funded by the new housing on the school site, including new affordable housing and replacements for council housing affected by HS2.

Bavaani Nanthabalan, executive head of Netley Campus:

“The children are thrilled and proud to be in their new school. They love their new space and are particularly excited by their new sports hall. We have excellent facilities and state-of-the-art technology which will transform the children’s learning experiences."

Pupil from Netley Campus

"I think it’s really good, because we have much more space."

Improvements at Acland Burghley

At Acland Burghley we have upgraded and extended the sixth form area. It’s now more modern with bigger classrooms, a meeting room space and an expanded common room, where the school has installed a soft seating area and a study area with 36 computer workstations for students to use. Repairs have been made throughout the school including the roof, walls and dining area. New windows, radiators, energy efficient lights, student toilets and internal and external doors have also been installed.

One Year 9 student said:

“I am so much happier at school now and I like that teachers expect more of me.”

Former executive headteacher for Acland Burghley, Sue Higgins said:

“Feedback on the new facilities from staff, students, as well as prospective parents has been overwhelmingly positive. The sixth form common room is now more than twice the size, allowing space for time tabled study, which was not possible before. It’s very popular with the students and used by sixth-formers across the LaSwap consortium.”

New additions at St Dominic Primary School

New learning spaces have been created, these include the purpose built nursery classroom, the main school hall and kitchen, the library and music room. In addition, all the classrooms in the school have been renovated to a high standard.

The installation of wireless technology throughout the school has also supported the use of portable devices in classrooms, which has enhanced learning. The new changes have also allowed the nursery and reception classrooms to be located beside each other in the new foundation stage area. This really benefits the children as they move through foundation stage and is also very helpful to the staff working in this area of the school as they can share resources and work together more effectively.

Outdoor play is equally important and the school now have four fantastic new outdoor playground to support everyday learning in each key stage.

Jacqueline Phelan, headteacher at Carlton Primary School:

"When it rained heavily you could hear it dripping from the roof and on more than one occasion there was so much water that we had to vacate the school. We now have a school that is fit for purpose. We have a new roof and double glazed windows throughout, which helps to keep the school warm and saves energy in the long run. The character of the building has been maintained but we have modern improvements, including additional teaching space, new IT equipment, a new library and classrooms, which allows us to deliver high quality lessons in a safe modern environment."

Jeanette Lowe, director of Camden Centre for Learning:

"We are all very excited about the refurbishment of our KS4 school which provides the very highest quality learning environments for the students who attend Camden Centre for Learning. The facilities at KS4 enable us to offer an innovative curriculum to engage all our students and prepare them for living in the 21st century. We have first rate teaching and learning environments to offer a range of academic subjects as well as vocational facilities which include a food technology room, a design and technology workshop, a hair and barbering studio, a music studio, an art studio and IT suite."