We're investing £193.2 million into schools and children’s centres in Camden. This will go some way to meeting the £200 million of government cuts to school building projects.

Improving the physical condition of school buildings and making sure Camden has enough school places will help to give children in the borough the best start in life.

  • £193.2 million will be re-invested in 48 schools and children’s centres
  • 963 new school places will be created. This includes:
  • Up to 420 much needed primary school places delivered by CIP funding in the north-west of Camden and an additional 543 through council projects with investments from other sources

So far, we've spent £164 million on school improvements for 48 schools and children's centres. A further £30 million has also been agreed by Cabinet up until 2020 to continue to support building condition and safety improvements and expand provision.

Find out what some of our Camden teachers and children think about the improvements made to their school on the case studies page.