Kingsgate Primary School gets a new building

Kingsgate Primary School gets a new building

Headteacher, Liz Hayward welcomed children in the autumn term to a brand new building. 

“The new building and the playground are lovely. The learning environment is spacious, bright and calm. Teachers can already see a hugely positive impact on the way children learn. Parents and children were so happy and excited when they came into school on the first day of term, said Liz Hayward.”

We want to give children in the borough the best start in life, so through the Community Investment Programme we have expanded Kingsgate Primary School to create up to 420 new school places at a new site on Liddell Road (now known as Liddell Place) in the North-West of the borough, where demand for reception places has been highest. 

The new school is part of a number of improvements planned for the Liddell Place area. The next phase of work at Liddell Place will include:
• a new public open space with greenery and seats for people to visit
• a new walking route through to Maygrove Peace park 
• new housing, including at least four affordable homes, and
• flexible business workspaces, helping to create jobs and employment opportunities for local people. 

We are also making improvements at Kingsgate Primary Upper School in Kilburn, including an expansion to the school hall and a new dedicated library space.

For more information on the project, visit our projects map page