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Wendling Ballot date confirmed

A ballot that will ask residents if they are in favour of the proposed redevelopment of the Wendling and St Stephen’s Close Estate will open on June 21 2021.

The ballot will stay open from 21 June and close on 15 July 2021. Residents will be asked to vote Yes or No on the formal Landlord Offer for redevelopment of Wendling and St Stephens Close.

The Offer will set out the vision, priorities and objectives of the estate’s regeneration and include information on; the design principles, number of new homes, tenure mix, proposed infrastructure and the Council’s commitment to open and transparent consultation and engagement.

The existing estate was built in the 1960s and the regeneration will address long standing issues such as low energy efficiency, common defects with leaks, blockages and heating systems, overcrowding, a poor estate layout and a disconnection from the surrounding streets.     

In order to address these issues, proposals for the regeneration are set to include:

• Between 650 and 750 spacious and modern new homes, including replacement of the existing council homes
• No loss of council homes and at least 40% of the new homes will be genuinely affordable homes, including new council homes and homes available at Camden Living Rent
• Design principles for all homes that include a larger floor area, better kitchens, more storage, improved accessibility, secure common areas and access to a private balcony, terrace, or garden for every home
• New community facilities on the estate and nearby, shops and open spaces including communal gardens, play space and safer streets with improved connections and accessibility.

If residents vote in favour of the regeneration in the upcoming ballot, tenants will have the option to move into a newly built home that is the right size for their family.

A letter will be sent to all eligible households on the Estate in April with a list of eligible voters at their address.

For further information on estate consultation - please More information about the estate consultation.