Homes for Camden Living rent

We’re building nearly 300 homes for Camden Living rent, the first 65 of which are now home to residents. Camden Living rent is above social rent but below market value. These homes will be managed by Camden Living, a wholly Council controlled company, which will help us keep ownership of more of the new homes we’re building through the Community Investment Programme while offering high quality, affordable rental properties to residents. This already helping to improve housing opportunities for residents and help us maintain Camden’s unique social mix.  

We know that individuals and families on middle incomes between £30,000 and £40,000 are very unlikely to qualify for social housing but find it difficult to afford private rents or to buy on the open market. It is these middle income workers like teachers, nurses and even doctors who struggle to afford to live in Camden.

As shared ownership is now unaffordable in Camden for the majority of households on average incomes, we're replacing shared ownership with this new tenure. Camden Living have now acquired flats at Maiden Lane, Bourne Estate and Chester Balmore and these homes are now available to let at Camden Living rents. Visit for more information.  

Camden Living rent and other tenures