We’re one of the biggest council building programmes in the country. We’re building 3,050 new homes in Camden, including, 1,100 council homes and 300 genuinely affordable homes to rent. We’re also building 1,650 homes for sale to fund the affordable homes, schools and community facilities. Building a mixture of homes will help us maintain Camden’s unique social mix and ensure the borough remains a place for everyone.

CIP is playing an important role in providing the affordable homes badly needed in Camden, in the face of London’s housing crisis and damaging Government Housing and Planning Act. We know the legislation’s impact could mean we're forced to sell higher-value council homes when they become empty and fixed-term tenancies might be introduced, meaning less stable housing for new council tenants.

We're using innovative ways to offer more affordable housing options for our residents through Camden Living, a wholly council controlled company. This will make sure we retain more of the new homes we’re building through the CIP and offer affordable rents to residents.

The new homes are built to a high quality, with beautifully crafted modern living spaces and high quality fixtures, fittings and materials. They are also energy efficient with impressive designs, some even winning awards.

Bacton Low Rise won Housing Project of the Year at the 2016 Building Awards and was also highly commended for the Community Engagement Award at the British Construction Industry awards in the same year.

Overall, we’re investing over £1 billion into Camden schools, homes and community facilities, despite cuts to government funding and the most recent challenge of the Government’s housing policy.

Visit our case studies page to see how Camden residents are already benefiting from new homes.