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Agar Grove

Agar Grove is the largest Passivhaus scheme in the country and biggest project in the Community Investment Programme. The development includes:

  • 216 council homes
  • 37 homes at Camden Living rent
  • Communal gardens
  • New play areas
  • Shops, a café and a community hall

The project is split into six phases and when completed will deliver a total of 507 new homes. This phased approach means we build new blocks before demolition of the old ones so that residents only need to move once, straight into their new home.

The project replaces aging blocks built in the 1960s with modern homes and an improved estate design.

Phase 1a reached completion in 2018 and families from the estate moved into the first 38 new council homes that summer.

Passivhaus certification means the new buildings use significantly less energy to heat and cool, lowering carbon emissions and helping tackle fuel poverty.

In 2019, the block’s energy efficient design was awarded the top prize at the New London Architecture Awards. Phase 1b is now underway and is due to complete in March 2021, with new residents moving in throughout early 2021.

Private sale or rent

A number of homes are available for private sale or rent.

Buy or rent a home from the Camden Collection

Agar Grove

"Our new place is much better than where we were before. It’s so nice it makes leaving difficult in the morning, of course it’s great being able to look forward to coming home as well."

Isuf Qorri, local resident

"It’s perfect for me and perfect for my family. Never did we expect we’d ever be anywhere so good, it’s like a dream come true."

Mrs Qorri, local resident