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What is the Community Investment Programme (CIP)?

The Community Investment Programme (CIP) is our ambitious 15-year plan to invest over £1 billion in schools, homes and community facilities in Camden. It’s our answer to government spending cuts – an innovative way to continue to invest in our community despite massive reductions in central government funding.

In total, we’re building 3,050 new homes, including, 1,100 council homes, 300 genuinely affordable homes to rent, investing in 53 schools and children’s centres and providing 9,000m2 of improved community facilities, the equivalent of 35 tennis courts. CIP will also help renovate thousands of existing council homes, as part of the Council’s Better Homes Programme.

To date we have built 865 homes through CIP and expect to complete more by the end of 2019. We’ve also invested £164 million into schools and children’s centres and provided 4,516 m2 of community facilities, including the new St Pancras Community Centre, which opened in summer 2016. We have also delivered 620m2 of low cost employment space at Maiden Lane.

We are funding this investment in affordable homes, schools and community facilities by building homes for private sale and by selling buildings and land that we no longer need. Every pound raised through these sales is reinvested back into Camden – for the benefit of residents today and in the future.

What CIP will deliver for Camden

How CIP works